Knife Sharpening | Western & Japanese Kitchen Knives

In-Store Sharpening has re-commenced. Turn-around is normally 1-2 business days, during busy times we will schedule your session in advance so your knives are not with us too long. It is best to call or email us to see if bookings are recommended. 
Knife Sharpening Service Sydney Australia
We utilize premium Japanese whetstones (no machines are employed), carried out by a dedicated sharpening professional trained in Japan. We are highly skilled in both western and Japanese knife sharpening (including traditional single bevel knives), along with profiling, thinning and knife repairs. We also offer Japanese (WA) handle replacement. We do not sharpening folding knives, swords or weapons (this is with the exception of Higonokami).
Mail-in Sharpening is welcome, it can be purchased on this link.
Knife Sharpening Sydney - Japanese Whetstone Hand Sharpened
Most types of western, custom, German, French and Japanese knives are welcome, currently we do not accept serrated knives.
Repairs, re-profiling and thinning services are available, they will be quoted on inspection. 
Bulk & repeat knife sharpening discounts are available, contact us for info.
A Note On Chip Repairs:
If multiple chips are present on your knife, we only quote on the single largest chip, all other chips will be removed in the process of fixing the largest. Many charge per chip, personally we do not agree with this.
We will assess each knife on an individual basis and discuss before any work is carried out. We like to save steel where possible to extend the life of your knives.
Japanese Knife Sharpening Sydney