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Whilst working with Japan's top blacksmiths, our partners often come across NOS (new old stock) chef knives. These knives have been sitting in storage, un-used, for decades. Once tested, we release the best models in limited batches.

Two recent finds have been the most intriguing (and special) in quite some time. A Masamoto Honyaki Usuba was discovered with hand engravings on the blade that neither ourselves nor our Japanese partners have ever seen before. The box in which it sits states Masamoto Sohonten but the blade itself is not marked Sohonten, nor Tsukiji. Our partners place the age of this knife at at least 30-40 years, although it is most likely much older.

There are some signs of age, but the knife is in remarkably good condition considering age. Honyaki Usuba of Masamoto are priced at double that of this listing new, this is an amazing deal on a very collectible chef knife.

Along with this Usuba, a Masamoto Edo Saki knife was also uncovered. Although not as old, it's a wonderful value traditional Japanese knife in great condition.


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