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One of the most exciting new chef knives being created in Japan, from one of their finest blacksmiths. Jiro Nakagawa is a master blacksmith with superior heat treatment and design skills, some of the best we have ever seen.

Jiro San creates each one of these outstanding knives completely by hand.... hand forged and hand crafted to the most exacting of standard. Each knife is hand polished, using traditional Japanese sword polishing technique, and finish sharpened on Uchigumori. Each knife is hand engraved with Jiro San's mark, individual serial number and date of manufacture. A hand written note is also included with each knife, showing all information above, along with knife shape and size, steel type, and handle design. 

With Petty, Gyuto and Santoku knives currently in production in both Japanese style handle and his unique (and extremely comfortable) take on western handle design.

These knives are very well priced for this level of craftsmanship and performance. The demand is high and pricing is set to rise. Email us to be placed on the pre-order list for this amazing collectors' knife.


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