Preserving Knife Steel

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High quality knives should last a lifetime but sometimes accidents happen that may shorten the life of the knife. Chipping and tip breakages are a common issue with all kinds of knife but these can be repaired. To repair chipped knives steel is ground away to the deepest point of the chip. However this removes steel that would otherwise last years of regular sharpening.

Maximum productive usage of knives is our priority when repairing knives so we would suggest to think carefully when making repairs if they are really needed. If there is a small chip in the tip of a long slicer this area may not be used during usual cutting so the chip has no effect on the cutting performance. In this case there may be no need to remove the chip. It would be preferable to make a plan to remove the chip over a longer period of usual sharpening. This would preserve your knife steel and could extend your knife's life by years.

Always think carefully when removing knife steel. It is easy to take away but can’t be put back on. If you love your knives like we do you want them to be with you for as long as possible.


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