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We're privileged to have sourced a small selection of NOS (New Old Stock) vintage kitchen knives from Japan. 

Crafted in Seki City over 30 years ago, these kitchen knives are shapes we do not see recently, being too difficult and too expensive to produce. 

These knives are made with SK high carbon steel, somewhat similar to Kigami Yellow, it is simple to sharpen and retains a sharp edge. It is easier to maintain than pure carbon steels such as White or Blue steel.

We have 3 models, in limited stock, being...

huge 270mm Gyuto Knife | this knife is almost as large as a clever, very wide and very impressive, truly a special piece for any collection.

A wide 240mm Gyuto Knife | again, this knife is wider than normal designs of today, this is a well made, great value knife for the price.

A very cool 150mm Petty Knife | we love the shape of this petty knife, it's the best value knife we have on our website, we managed to source them at a great price and are passing this on.

As these are vintage knives you will need to be quick, once sold we will not be able to restock.


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