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Our range of high-end Kikuchiyo Kyuzo Japanese kitchen knives has expanded with the addition of 2 Shiro version Gyutos in 210 and 240mm. 

These very special knives compete with other brands costing 3 times as much, they are extremely good value for their high performance level.

This range of Hitohira's Japanese kitchen knives are crafted in Sakai, Japan by renowned blacksmith Kikuchiyo and then sharpened by the famous Kyuzo sharpener. They are available in limited numbers, crafted from shirogami white # 2 steel with an extremely comfortable Japanese style WA sakura and ebony handle.

We currently have stock of 4 variants of Gyuto knife, available in Kuro (black) or Shiro (white, although the finish is polished silver) in both 210 and 240mm.

Along with these elegant Gyuto, we also have the distinguished Hitohira Kikuchiyo Enmon 300mm Damascus Steel Yanagiba.

View the entire Kikuchiyo Kyuzo offering here.


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