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Arriving with our recent shipment of Kikuchiyo Kyuzo Gyuto knives was our first stock of these elegant cutting boards by Hitohira Japan.

Crafted by hand from the prized (and sustainably sourced) Aomori Hiba timber, widely considered to be superior for use with Japanese kitchen knives.

The rare, and highly admired Aomori Hiba has been used for thousands of years in Japan to build shrines and temples. This old and stable timber has a tight grain structure which naturally exhibits anti-bacterial and anti-mold function. It can take 300 years for an aomori hiba tree to reach just 700 mm in diameter, these trees are not taken lightly however, they are highly protected and only come from forests which have been sustainably managed for over 600 years.

These boards do have an odour at first, we find it inoffensive but it is prominent initially and will dissipate over time. In our experience it will not flavour ingredients.

You can view the cutting boards here.


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