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Our hand tool expansion has also included 3 new ranges of the high end Tsune Kanna (Japanese woodworking plane).

These planes are as beautiful to look at it as they are to use. Hand made in Japan from white oak timber with hand forged steel blades of varying hardness levels, they are one of the most widely used hand tool brands in Japan.

The "Blue 2" Kanna / Planes we have available are easier to sharpen, but won't stay sharp as long as the "Super" or "Hap40" range of tools. The "Hap40" will keep a sharp edge longer, but are slightly more difficult to sharpen. We recommend the "Super" planes in most instances as this is somewhere inbetween, it gives a good trade off between hardness and ease of sharpening. The "Hap40" is certainly the best Kanna/Plane for hardwood timbers, however all of these planes will provide a life tine of timber crafting eith a little bit of maintenance.

In this vein, we also have a range of hand scrapers and sharpening stones dedicated to the maintenance of these planes (and our chisels) on their way from Japan.


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