Mitsukawa Nokogiri (Japanese Pull Saws)...

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Alongside high end hand tools like our Tataki Chisel Sets and Tsune Woodworking Planes are the premium range of Nokogiri, Shogun's Mitsukawa Pull Saws.

Most of these deluxe hand saws feature replaceable blades for continued use (check description for detail) and all yield professional results and an impressive feel. They also look like pieces of art.

Called a Nokogiri in Japan, these saws are much like a western hand saw in use. The difference is the cut happens on the pull stroke of the sawing action and not on the push stroke as with "normal" hand saws we see outside of Japan. The traditional rattan handles are easy and intuitive to use but we do sell pull saws with handles most would be used to seeing, you can view these saws here.

Even at the high end of hand saws, these hand made and hand forged Mitsukawa Pull Saws represent great value to any professional or home workshop. They are by far the cheapest upgrade we made that gave the biggest increase in woodworking quality.


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