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We are very excited to announce a large expansion of our Japanese kitchen knife and sharpening stone offerings.

The whetstones are an expansion of our Suehiro branded stones, into their higher end and higher grit products. With smoothness up to an eye watering 20,000 grit, along with some of their larger sized professional Japanese whetstones currently on route.

After much research and testing we have also selected 9 new Japanese knife makers, mostly based in the Sakai region of Japan, to craft a variety of western / Japanese hybrid knives along with traditional Japanese kitchen knives.

With over 300 Japanese kitchen knives currently being hand crafted, we will have a knife for every home cook or professional chef alike. Initially ranging from $40 to $500, this will be the first round of knives and whetstones to go live before further models arrive in the coming months.

As these kitchen knives are being hand crafted in Japan, a set date for release is hard to give... but they are expected in the next 4-8 weeks.

There are multiple levels of Santoku, Gyuto and Petty knives for the home cook, as well as higher end Petty, Gyuto, Nakiri, Usuba & Deba knives for the serious cook, or professional chef. There will also be a number of Yanagiba knives for preparing sashimi. 

More information coming soon...


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