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We've had 5 new models of Damascus steel kitchen knives just land from Japan, both from Sakai Suntenresu as well as Hitohira Japan.

So what is Damascus steel? Apart from it's aesthetic appeal (which is stunning by the way), Damascus steel is a traditional method of folding (and layering) different steels to achieve certain physical traits. With ancient legend of Damascus steel swords cutting through the barrel of a gun, it has been the choice for use in high end kitchen knives and weapons for hundreds of years. It is certainly true that some modern steel production can now out perform Damascus steel... as is the case with all tools and knives, the quality and performance comes down to the individual craftsmen, what techniques are employed and which type of steels are within each piece. We meticulously select and test all of the kitchen knives and tools we represent, we stand by our products for a reason. 

View our range of Japanese Damascus Steel Knives here.


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