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Tsunesaburo Kanna Japanese Woodworking Plane
Tsunesaburo Kanna Japanese Woodworking Plane

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Tsunesaburo Kanna (Woodworking Plane) | Shaving Scraper (Kanna Tuning)

A simple shaving scraper made by Tsunesaburo Japan, used to tune kanna (woodworking planes). These scrapers will flatten or dish the base of a kanna body.  

  • Tsunesaburo Kanna (Woodworking Plane Accessory)
  • Shaving Scraper used for kanna tuning
    • Scraping the base of timber kanna
  • Crafted in Japan


Japanese Woodworking Tools, Whetstones & Chef Knives Australia

Japanese Woodworking Tools | Kanna (Planes)

The Japanese woodworking plane, known as kanna in Japan, is one of the most pleasing and rewarding hand tools to use. Like their nokogiri (hand saw) cousins, the kanna cuts on the pull stroke, unlike western woodworking planes that cut when pushed. Most kanna do require a small amount of set-up (known as tuning) before use, not a complicated task.  

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