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Mitsukawa Ryoba Saw Replacement Blade _Japanese Woodworking Saws
Mitsukawa Ryoba Saw Replacement Blade _Japanese Woodworking Saws

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Shogun Mitsukawa Ryoba Pull-Saw (240 Blade Only)

Premium Mitsukawa Ryoba Pull-Saw Replacement Blade

For Mitsukawa Ryoba Pullsaw


Update: All 295 and 270mm Ryoba have been discontinued. These will be some of the last available Ryoba at this size available anywhere in the world. We will have 240mm and smaller available but these saws are becoming even more rare.


These saws are so highly regarded that they are used during the restoration process of culturally significant Japanese landmarks like temples and shrines. It is seen as a mark of disrespect to the woodworkers and history of the building to use machine made saws.


Replacement blade for your beautiful Mitsukawa Ryoba Pullsaw. Great to have a spare around for that special woodworking project.


  • Shogun Mitsukawa Ryoba Pull-Saw (Nokogiri) Blade
  • 240mm Blade Only
  • Triple ground impulse hardened teeth
  • Hand-made in Japan
  • New with manufacturers warranty
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