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Shogun Folding Kariwaku Saw Replacement Blade _Japanese Woodworking Tools and Knives

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Shogun Nokogiri | Folding Pull Saw - 270 Kariwaku (Blade Only)

Replacement blade for the Shogun Folding Kariwaku pullsaw by Shogun Japan.

  • Shogun Folding Kariwaku Pull-Saw (Nokogiri) Blade
  • 270mm Blade Only
  • Fits the following saw:
  • Blade Thickness: 0.9mm (Plate)
  • Kerf: 1.4mm
  • Interchangeable / Replaceable Blade - 9tpi
  • Crafted in Japan
Japanese Woodworking Tools, Whetstones & Kitchen Knives Australia 

Japanese Woodworking Tools | Nokogiri (Pullsaw)

Nokogiri is the Japanese version of a hand saw. It differs to western saws in 2 main areas: the teeth configuration means the cutting action takes place on the pull-stroke (as opposed to western saws that cut on the push), this yields a very accurate method of cutting. They are also much thinner overall, hence the nicknames "Pullsaw" and "Razor Saw".
Nokogiri are available in a handful of different styles, designed for specialist applications. The main types used are: Kataba Saw (general purpose single sided saw), Ryoba Saw (doubled sided rip and crosscut saw), Dozuki Saw (very thin and precise, used for fine joinery like tenon and dovetail joints) and the Kugihiki Saw (flush-cut saw). For more information you can check-out this page.