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Japanese Knife Sheath Saya
Japanese Knife Sheath Saya
Japanese Knife Sheath Saya

Saya (Knife Sheath) by Hitohira Japan | 150, 165 & 180mm Deba Knife (Ho Wood)

Crafted in Japan from ho timber, our mid level Japanese saya are a must have for travelling Japanese knives.

  • Japanese Saya (Knife Sheath)
  • Crafted by Hitohira Japan
  • Knife Shape: Deba Knife (Right Hand Bevel)
  • Knife Size (+ thickness): 150 (8.5mm), 165 (9mm) and 180mm (9mm)
  • Ho Wood Timber
  • Saya Pin Included
  • Hand Crafted in Japan

* Saya are hand-made with natural materials, small variation to size and colour may occur.

* It is recommended you add a saya when purchasing a kitchen knife, we will custom fit before shipment. As kitchen knives come in many different sizes and shapes we cannot guarantee fit for every possible knife. Email us for custom saya design, or to verify measurement. 

Japanese Kitchen Knives & Whetstones Australia 

Saya | Japanese Kitchen Knife Sheath

A saya is a Japanese knife sheath, or knife cover typically crafted of timber. Along with physically protecting you and your kitchen knives, they also help to keep the knife blade dry, preventing surface rust (especially useful for high carbon Japanese kitchen knives). It may seem insignificant, but this small investment will increase the life-span of your kitchen knife exponentially, along with aiding in sharpness longevity. 
When saya are purchased individually, the pin is drilled at a general location able to fit most kitchen knives. When bought along with one of our Japanese kitchen knives, the saya will be custom fit to ensure perfect knife placement.

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