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Edo Saki Japanese Knife
Edo Saki Japanese Knife
Edo Saki Japanese Knife
Edo Saki Japanese Knife
Edo Saki Japanese Knife

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Morihei Munetsugu (Shirogami) | 165mm Edo Saki Knife

Crafted by Morihei Japan, these shirogami Deba are a well forged, high performance knife. A great mid range workhorse before stepping up to knives around $1000.

  • Morihei Munetsugu Japanese Knife
  • 165mm Edo Saki Knife
  • Shirogami #2, Soft Iron Clad
  • Ho Wood Japanese Handle w/ Buffalo Ferrule
  • Right Hand Bevel
  • Hand-crafted in Japan
  • 278mm Total Length / 166mm Edge Length / 4.6mm Thickness / 36mm Height / 171g

* As our kitchen knives are hand-made (with natural materials like timber), small variation to size and colour may occur.

* Non stainless steel kitchen and chef knives require a small amount of care to prevent surface rust. 

Japanese Kitchen Knives, Whetstones & Woodworking Tools Australia

Traditional Japanese Knife | Edo Saki Knife

Hailing from Tokyo, the Edo Saki knife (like it's Kantoh cousin) is a traditional Japanese single bevel knife used for the preparation of Eel (Unagi). It does however work well in other cooking applications, the pointed tip is useful for certain fine work and it can even be used as a smaller Yanagiba (sashimi / slicing knife). 

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