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Nigiri Japanese Mini Shear Herb Scissor
Nigiri Japanese Mini Shear Herb Scissor

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Misuzu Nigiri (Miniature Shears / Herb Scissors) | 120mm High Carbon Steel - Oxidised Black

The Nigiri, or Japanese "mini-shear" is a coveted style of miniature scissor within the tailor and dressmaking environments, it has however, found it's way into many kitchens worldwide as a "herb scissor". Our models are forged from premium steel and possess a sharp edge with lasting edge retention. They work well for trussing, herb trimming and general kitchen use.


This particular scissor is a larger size, made from high carbon steel and finished in ozidised black.  

  • Misuzu Nigiri
  • 120mm High Carbon Steel
  • Japanese Mini-Shear / Herb Scissor
  • Forged Laminated Steel
  • Oxidised Black Finish
  • Crafted in Japan


* As our scissors are hand-made, small variation to size, finish and colour may occur.

* Non stainless steel does require a small amount of care to prevent surface rust. Even though this can easily be removed if it does occur, we recommend you hand wash only, do not use a dishwasher. For extended storage, coat in an oil like our Tsubaki.


Made in Japan | Japanese Kitchen Knives, Whetstones & Woodworking Tools Australia