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Mazaki Damascus Bunka Knife
Mazaki Damascus Bunka Knife
Mazaki Damascus Bunka Knife
Mazaki Damascus Bunka Knife
Mazaki Damascus Bunka Knife
Mazaki Damascus Bunka Knife

Mazaki Damascus | 160mm Santoku / Bunka Knife

Mazaki San is a solo blacksmith hand-crafting all aspects of his knives in-house. Apprenticing under legendary master Kiyoshi Kato, he is creating some of the most sought-out knives at this present time. The Mazaki Damascus knife offered herein is extremely rare, it is likely to take years to re-stock once sold. Just 1 is available, as pictured. 

  • Mazaki Damascus
  • Sanjo, Niigata
  • 160mm Santoku / Bunka Knife
  • Aogami (Blue) #2
    • Carbon Damascus Clad
    • Magnolia, Walnut Ferrule
    • Timber Kiri Box Included
    • Hand-Crafted and Hand-Forged in Japan
    • Free International Shipment
    • 162mm Edge | 304mm Overall | 52.5mm Height | 154g
    • Thickness: 5.4mm (Above Heel) | 3.2mm (Centre) | 0.9mm (1cm From Tip)

    Japanese Kitchen Knives & Whetstones Australia

    * Non stainless steel kitchen knives require a small amount of care to prevent surface rust. 


    Japanese Kitchen Knife | Bunka (Home Cook Knife)

    Like the Santoku, the Bunka knife is known as a home cook knife. It is very close to a Santoku knife in many ways, varying slightly in shape with a more pointed tip. A versatile kitchen knife widely used throughout the world and one of the better starting points into Japanese knives.

    Also like it's larger cousin, the Gyuto, this is your go-to knife for any and all tasks within the kitchen. Generally Bunka knives are smaller in size than Gyuto, making them versatile in smaller home kitchens or for cooks with fledgling knife skills. Both styles of knife are multi-tasking machines that can be used for any and all cooking preparation tasks.

    As is the case with most Japanese kitchen knives, the Bunka knife is thinner & lighter than other western chef knives, they are normally made from harder steel which can hold a sharper edge. 

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