Japanese Kitchen Knives

Hand crafted in Japan by master blacksmiths, or selection of fine Japanese kitchen knives are stocked locally in Australia and shipped same business day and free ($100+).
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Japanese Kitchen Knife
 We stock a wide selection of Gyuto and Santoku kitchen knives, used as a main "chef" style knife. Complimented by petty and paring knives and many variants of traditional Japanese knives.
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Gyuto Knife | The Gyuto, or Japanese chef knife, is widely considered the most versatile kitchen knife for both professional chefs & home cooks. With a variety of sizes available, generally the Gyuto is similar to western style chef knives in shape, but thinner and lighter, made of harder steel and sharper. This is the knife we recommend as your first Japanese knife if the size suits your style. If too large, the smaller and taller Santoku would be your best choice.
Santoku Knife | The Santoku is known in Japan as a home cook knife. It is a versatile kitchen knife widely used throughout the world and a great starting point into Japanese knives. Like it's larger cousin, the Gyuto, this is your go-to knife for any and all tasks within the kitchen. Generally Santoku knives are smaller in size than Gyuto, making them versatile in smaller home kitchens or for cooks with fledgling knife skills. Both styles of knife are multi-tasking machines that can be used for any and all cooking preparation tasks.
Nakiri & Usuba KnivesNakiri & Usuba knives are specialist vegetable cutting knives that can also be used as your primary kitchen knife, depending on your cutting style. We are big Nakiri fans.
Petty & Paring KnifeThe Petty Knife is a smaller Japanese utility knife generally used for precision knife work and fine slicing. A great secondary knife to your Gyuto or Santoku.
Deba & Funayuki Knife | The Deba and Funayuki are traditional Japanese kitchen knives which are used by chefs for fish, or as utility knives on fishing boats. The deba knife is one of the most common single bevel knives used by western chefs.
Yanagiba & Sujihiki Knives | Yanagiba & Sujihiki knives are very different in design, but are used frequently for the same 2 tasks, sashimi and as a slicing knife. The sujihiki is also a great alternative to a petty or utility knife in the kitchen.
Other Kitchen KnivesOur collection of traditional Japanese specialty knives like menkiri knives (for soba noodles), kantoh (eel knife), sickle, oyster, bread, sommelier and honesuki (boning) knives. 
Japanese Kitchen Knife