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Japanese Rasp Woodworking File Japan
Japanese Rasp Woodworking File Japan
Japanese Rasp Woodworking File Japan

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Iwasaki Japanese Rasp | Premium Flat Needle File (Extra Smooth Cut)

Our premium Japanese woodworking files perform elegantly in use. With specially formed teeth designed to shave wood without clogging, they are exceptionally sharp and accurate. Designed to be used for high end applications such as cabinet making, musical instrument making and timber carving.

  • Iwasaki Japanese Rasp / Woodworking File
  • CP Series - Premium
  • Type: Flat Needle File
  • 200mm x 10mm
  • Extra Smooth Cuts
  • Shaves faster than other wood rasps & smoother than traditional files
  • Specially formed teeth to minimise wood clogging
  • High-End finish for Cabinet Making and Musical Instrument Making
  • Crafted in Japan


Japanese Woodworking Tools, Whetstones & Chef Knives Australia

Japanese Woodworking Tools | Rasp (Woodworking File)

Iwasaki Japan are redefining the performance of a rasp. These beautiful tools yield the smooth finish of a woodworking file, with the cutting ability of a traditional rasp. The perfect hand tool for fine joinery, or timber sculpting tasks.