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Tsunesaburo Kanna Japanese Woodworking Plane
Tsunesaburo Kanna Japanese Woodworking Plane
Tsunesaburo Kanna Japanese Woodworking Plane

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Tsunesaburo Kanna (Woodworking Plane) | Aogami Super - 55mm

Tsunesaburo kanna (woodworking planes) are the most widely used plane in Japan. All models are well crafted and perform beautifully in use. The key difference between models lies in the steel used for the kanna blade:
1. Aogami #2 the entry level plane mainly used for soft wood. These kanna are the easiest to sharpen. 2. Aogami Super used for some hardwood but mainly soft. The steel is harder than Aogami #2 but slightly more difficult to re-sharpen. 3. HAP40 is the hardest of blade, intended for hardwood woodworking. These planes are also superior with softwood, but take the longest to re-sharpen.

  • Tsunesaburo Aogami Super Kanna (Woodworking Plane)
  • 55 mm Aogami Super Steel Blade
    • Stronger than Aogami #2 but still easily sharpened
  • 245 x 70 mm White Oak Timber Base
  • Crafted in Japan


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Japanese Woodworking Tools | Kanna (Planes)

The Japanese woodworking plane, known as kanna in Japan, is one of the most pleasing and rewarding hand tools to use. Like their nokogiri (hand saw) cousins, the kanna cuts on the pull stroke, unlike western woodworking planes that cut when pushed. Most kanna do require a small amount of set-up (known as tuning) before use, not a complicated task.