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We are pleased to introduce multiple new ranges of hand tools and kitchen knives which have just arrived from Japan, China and the US. All are now in stock and available for same-day dispatch from our Australian warehouse. The first we would like to mention is a new brand of woodworking planes to compliment the professional Tsune branded planes which we know and love.

Made by Koyama in Japan, we have 5 new models which represent great value for money and posses features we've not seen before in this space.

A new concept to the Japanese Kanna (woodworking plane) category, Koyama has produced a plane body in what they call "New Oak", this is a non timber, man made material which negates the need to "tune" your woodworking plane before use. Along with this new material body they also engage a quick change blade which is also available at a great price and allows extended use and very easy set-up.

Check out the new oak planes and replacement blades here.

More new woodworking hand tools and Japanese kitchen knives will be introduced after quality testing has been completed.


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