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Announcements have just been received that pricing for all Mitsukawa saws has increased, along with the discontinuation of some models.

Mitsukawa San is a legend in the industry, he works alone and produces these high-quality masterpieces by hand in Japan. We describe them as the Rolls-Royce of hand saws and they do feel this way in use. These saws are used during the restoration process of culturally significant Japanese landmarks like temples and shrines. It is seen as a mark of disrespect to the woodworkers and history of the building to use machine made saws. Unfortunately the rarity of these saws has increased, with certain models now no longer in production, being:


295 & 270 mm Ryoba Saws Discontinued

We have only 2 x 295mm Ryoba left in stock (along with a single 295mm replacement blade), these are some of the last saws available world-wide, they are absolutely huge. Once these are sold they cannot be restocked,


All Kataba Saws Discontinued -

Again, possibly some of the last available world-wide we currently have only 2 x 270mm Katabas, 1 x 240mm Kataba and 1 x 270mm replacement blade. 


The Good News-

The amazing Mitsukawa Precision Set is still available, we have stock currently with more on order.  

Ryoba saws below 240mm are also still in production. We have stock of the 240mm Ryoba with more saws and replacement blades on their way.

We will also be ordering more of the smaller Ryoba for future stock. 


I guess the moral of this story... if you've ever thought about purchasing one of these tools, now would be the time to jump in :)


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