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Expanding on our range of hand tools for the woodworker are these beautiful Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives from Sakai Japan... hand tools for the professional chef or home cook.

Hand forged from premium "V-Gold 10" (VG10) stainless steel with a solid welded ferrule and mirror finish, these kitchen knives come in a 135mm Petty Knife, a 165mm Nakiri Knife and a 165mm Santoku.

Knives crafted in Japan, along with the material Damascus steel are revered for good reason, a true thing of beauty.

Along with these deluxe Damascus steel chef knives, we also have a range of traditional Japanese kitchen knives currently on their way from Japan. Starting at $40 they provide a great entry point into the world of Japanese knives.

We are also expanding our knife offering with professional whetstones from Suehiro, they are also on route. These sharpening stones are suitable for all of our kitchen knives as well as specialised models arriving for woodworking tools.


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