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Yu Kurosaki Sujihiki Knife
Yu Kurosaki Sujihiki Knife
Yu Kurosaki Sujihiki Knife
Yu Kurosaki Sujihiki Knife

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Yu Kurosaki Fujin Damascus | 270mm Sujihiki Knife

Hand-crafted in Echizen Japan by famed blacksmith Yu Kurosaki, the Fujin damascus series are easy to maintain with a striking aesthetic and performance grind. Yu's work is well known for a reason.

  • Master Yu Kurosaki Japanese Chef Knife
  • Fujin Series
  • 270mm Sujihiki Knife
  • VG-10 Stainless Steel / Stainless Damascus Cladding
  • Echizen-Fukui, Japan
  • Mono Keyaki Timber Handle
  • Hand-Crafted in Japan
  • 265mm Blade Edge Length / 421mm Overall Length / 40mm Blade Height / 2.8mm Blade Thickness / 163g

* As our Japanese knives are hand-made (most with natural materials like timber), small variation to size and colour may occur.


Japanese Kitchen Knives & Whetstones Australia

Japanese Kitchen Knife | Sujihiki (Slicing Knife)

The Sujihiki knife is a great knife to have in your kitchen, traditionally used in Japan as a slicing knife (the home version of a Yanagiba (Sashimi knife)), it also works very well for general kitchen duties as a utility knife. The sujihiki is a light and nimble knife, long, thin and narrow with a double bevel grind. They obviously do work well for preparing sashimi, but also a wide variety of other slicing tasks.

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