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The Knifenerd Guide to Japanese Knives - Australian Stock
The Knifenerd Guide to Japanese Knives - Australian Stock

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The Knifenerd Guide to Japanese Knives | Hardback Book

Written by Kevin Kent of Knifewear Canada, this is a great book for the Japanese knife addict, like myself. 


I decided to import stock of this book after seeing the shipping costs of buying for myself. A single book, landed in Australia is $129, we're selling at near cost as (what I hope to be) a service to the local knife collector market.  

    From Knifewear...


    Kevin Kent, the Knifenerd, takes us behind the scenes with a personal look into the lives, skills and artistry of the blacksmiths who make the world’s finest knives. Award winning photography by Visti Kjar transports the reader behind the scenes, into the rarely seen, dimly lit, sweaty, bustling, historic workshops of some of the worlds best blacksmiths. Feel the intense heat of the forge, smell the coal fire, hear the deafening blows of the hammer on red hot steel and see the sparks fly.

    From the forging and sharpening to the choosing and collecting, Kevin Kent relays his extensive knowledge and passion on the subject of Japanese knives including...

    • telling stories about all of his favourite blacksmiths
    • explaining in plain language why Japanese knives and steel are just better
    • where to start on your journey into Japanese knives, including explanations of which shapes you need in your home
    • Accompanied by gorgeous photos by Visti Kjar, taken in the seldom-seen workshops of the best blacksmiths in Japan.
    • Unpopular opinions about Damascus steel.

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