Nokogiri 2 Pack Saws
Nokogiri 2 Pack Saws
Nokogiri 2 Pack Saws
Nokogiri 2 Pack Saws
Nokogiri 2 Pack Saws
Nokogiri 2 Pack Saws
Nokogiri 2 Pack Saws
Nokogiri 2 Pack Saws

Shogun Nokogiri Package | Precision Pull Saw Pack (2 x Nokogiri)

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Precision Pull-Saw Package w/ Kataba & Wide-Blade Dozuki Saws (2-pieces)

These are my 2 most used Nokogiri. The kataba is a multi-purpose work-horse capable of a wide range of tasks (I personally use this for almost everything, fast framing timber cuts all the way to long fine panel cuts and joinery). Coupled with this is the extremely accurate wide blade dozuki, this saw will give you the most accurate cuts (although the kataba is usually more than accurate enough). The dozuki is mainly intended for softer timbers, the teeth are too fine for some Australian hardwoods (use the kataba for this application).   

  • 2 (two) Shogun Pull-Saws (Nokogiri)..
    • Shogun 250mm Wide-Blade Dozuki (info here
      • 250mm Blade / 595mm Overall / 0.25mm thickness / 0.38mm kerf / 24tpi
    • Shogun 265mm Kataba (info here)
      • 265mm Blade / 610mm Overall / 0.6mm thickness / 0.9mm kerf / 16tpi
    • Interchangeable / Replaceable blades on both saws
    • Triple ground impulse hardened teeth
    • Traditional Japanese Rattan Wrapped Handle*
    • Crafted in Japan

    * Rattan is a natural product, variation to colour and finish is to be expected.

    Japanese Woodworking Tools, Whetstones & Kitchen Knives Australia 

    Japanese Woodworking Tools | Nokogiri (Pullsaw)

    Nokogiri is the Japanese version of a hand saw. It differs to western saws in 2 main areas: the teeth configuration means the cutting action takes place on the pull-stroke (as opposed to western saws that cut on the push), this yields a very accurate method of cutting. They are also much thinner overall, hence the nicknames "Pullsaw" and "Razor Saw".
    Nokogiri are available in a handful of different styles, designed for specialist applications. The main types used are: Kataba Saw (general purpose single sided saw), Ryoba Saw (doubled sided rip and crosscut saw), Dozuki Saw (very thin and precise, used for fine joinery like tenon and dovetail joints) and the Kugihiki Saw (flush-cut saw). For more information you can check-out this page

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