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Morihei Yanagiba Knife
Morihei Yanagiba Knife
Morihei Yanagiba Knife
Morihei Yanagiba Knife
Morihei Yanagiba Knife
Morihei Yanagiba Knife

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Morihei Munetsugu (Shirogami) | 300mm Yanagiba Knife

Crafted by Morihei Japan, these shirogami Yanagiba are a great middle ground for professional chefs and serious home cooks... high enough quality for accurate, dependable cuts, but not what some consider too high for everyday / workhorse use.

  • Morihei Munetsugu Japanese Kitchen Knife
  • 300mm Yanagiba Knife
  • Shirogami #2, Soft Iron Clad
  • Ho Wood Japanese Handle w/ Buffalo Ferrule
  • Right Hand Bevel
  • Hand-made in Japan
  • 453mm Total Length / 290mm Edge Length / 3.6mm Thickness / 33mm Blade Height / 211g

* As our kitchen knives are hand-made (some with natural materials like timber), small variation to size and colour may occur.

* Non stainless steel kitchen and chef knives require a small amount of care to prevent surface rust.


Japanese Kitchen Knives, Whetstones & Woodworking Tools Australia

Japanese Kitchen Knife | Yanagiba (Slicing Knife)

The Yanagiba is traditional style of Japanese chef knife, generally used for the professional preparation of sashimi. Yanagiba are thicker and heavier than their sujihiki slicing cousins, with a long profile and single bevel grind. Although mainly used by the elite to prepare fish, some western chefs do use these knives for other slicing duties like roast meat carving. 

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