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Natural Japanese Whetstone - Kitchen Knives Japan
Natural Japanese Whetstone - Kitchen Knives Japan
Natural Japanese Whetstone - Kitchen Knives Japan

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Morihei Japanese Whetstone | Akamatsu (Rough) Natural Stone Type 30

Natural whetstones have varying grit levels, it is said that this contrast causes minute variations to your sharpened edge which results in different wear rates and therefore longer edge retention. Whilst this may not be definitively proven, there is something special about sharpening knives or tools on a natural, mined stone. We highly recommend the experiencee.

These Akamatsu stones are a mid level of hardness in composition, they are overall a rough grit, circa 400
. No soaking is required before use.   

  • Morihei Natural Stone
  • Akamatsu Mine
  • Type 30
  • Rough Grit, Circa 400
  • Whetstone Size: 220 x 60 x 40mm (L x W x Th)
  • Whetstone Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Natural Sharpening Stone / Whetstone
  • Mined in Japan
Japanese Kitchen Knives & Whetstones Australia

Japanese Sharpening Stones (Whetstones)

The consensus for sharpening Japanese kitchen knives, as well as Japanese woodworking tools, is the use of a whetstone. Dry grinding can affect temper (effectively ruining your knife or tool) and diamond plates are often too aggressive (removing too much material). 
All Japanese whetstones will require flattening after use, no matter what type of stone, or the style of your sharpening, all whetstones will begin to dish over time. We recommend a ceramic flattening stone, or diamond plate for this task. For more info, check out Selecting a Japanese Whetstone

* These stones are natural products mined from the earth. Variation to colour is expected. Each stone may have varying chips, cracks or marks, this is normal for natural sharpening stones and does not affect performance.  

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