Japanese Axe Woodworking Tools Japan
Japanese Axe Woodworking Tools Japan
Japanese Axe Woodworking Tools Japan
Japanese Axe Woodworking Tools Japan
Japanese Axe Woodworking Tools Japan
Japanese Axe Woodworking Tools Japan
Japanese Axe Woodworking Tools Japan
Japanese Axe Woodworking Tools Japan

Mizuno Seisakujo Japanese Axe | 450g Axe (360mm Curved Oak Handle)

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Made by renowned maker Mizuno Seisakujo of Niigata Japan, these smaller style Japanese woodworking axes are pretty special. Crafted with premium materials, they are strong and sharp with excellent balance. Useful for traditional carpentry along with carving and sculpting timber. 

  • Mizuno Seisakujo Japanese Axe
  • Niigata Prefecture, Japan
  • 450g Solid Steel Head
  • 360mm Curved Oak Wood Handle
  • 122mm Head Length
  • 80mm Edge Length
  • Hatchet Sheath
  • Carving & Sculpting Timber
  • Finish Fitment Required*
  • Crafted in Japan   


* Japanese hatchets and axes (like their woodworking planes and chisels) are supplied provisionally fitted to allow for climate / humidity variation to the timber components. Users must finish-fit the haft and complete head attachment before use.


    Japanese Woodworking Tools, Kitchen Knives & Whetstones Australia

    * As our Japanese hatchets and axes are hand-made with natural materials like timber, small variation to size, colour & finish is to be expected.

    * Carbon steel requires a small amount of care to prevent surface rust. Even though this can easily be removed if it does occur, we recommend you hand wash and thoroughly dry after use. For extended storage, coat in an oil like our Tsubaki

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