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Kiridashi Japanese Marking Knife
Kiridashi Japanese Marking Knife
Kiridashi Japanese Marking Knife

Kazuki Hocho | C8 10mm Kiridashi (Woodworking)

Hand crafted in Japan of high carbon steel, this kiridashi feels great in hand, much longer and thinner than others. 

  • Kazuki Traditional Japanese Knife
  • Kiridashi (Marking Knife)  
  • 211 x 10 mm Blade
  • 48mm Edge Length
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Scores, Marks, Scribes
  • Hand-Made in Japan
Japanese Kitchen Knives, Woodworking Tools & Whetstones Australia

Traditional Japanese Knife | Kiridashi

The traditional Japanese knife known as a kiridashi is an adaptable blade, many in the west are discovering the versatility of this great little knife.
Traditionally in Japan, these knives were used for woodwork, woodcarving and as a marking knife, today however we are seeing a lot of chefs and home cooks using them in the kitchen as a utility knife.
However you want to use these knives, they remain a desirable item... well priced, comfortable in hand and retain a sharp edge. 

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