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Kajiwara Sujihiki Knife
Kajiwara Sujihiki Knife
Kajiwara Sujihiki Knife
Kajiwara Sujihiki Knife


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Kajiwara Kurouchi | 270mm Sujihiki Knife (Aogami)

Hand-crafted in Tosa Japan, Kajiwara Kurouchi are a high performance carbon steel knife with a rustic aesthetic. The grind is thicker than other knives of this ilk, making it better at resisting chips and more suitable for harder work in the kitchen. Aogami (Blue) steel rusts slower than it's White equivalent, making it a sound starting knife into the world of carbon steel.


The fit and finish of these knives is a little lower than others but the quenching and performance more than makes up for it.

  • Kajiwara Kurouchi Japanese Knife
  • Tosa, Japan
  • Blacksmith: Tsutomu Kajiwara
  • 270mm Sujihiki Knife
  • Kurouchi (Rustic) Finish
  • Aogami (Blue) #1, Soft Iron Clad
  • Rengus Wood Handle w/ Wenge & Oak Ferrule
  • Hand crafted in Japan
  • 268mm Blade Edge Length / 422mm Overall Length / 3.8mm Blade Thickness / 34mm Blade Height / 173g


* Slight variation to colour and size/weight is expected with this range.

* High carbon steel kitchen knives will change colour (patina) during use, some care is required to prevent surface rust.

Japanese Kitchen Knives & Whetstones Australia

Japanese Kitchen Knife | Sujihiki (Slicing Knife)

The Sujihiki knife is a great knife to have in your kitchen, traditionally used in Japan as a slicing knife (the home version of a Yanagiba (Sashimi knife)), it also works very well for general kitchen duties as a utility knife. The sujihiki is a light and nimble knife, long, thin and narrow with a double bevel grind. They obviously do work well for preparing sashimi, but also a wide variety of other slicing tasks.

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