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Ittetsu Tall Nakiri Knife
Ittetsu Tall Nakiri Knife
Ittetsu Tall Nakiri Knife
Ittetsu Tall Nakiri Knife
Ittetsu Tall Nakiri Knife
Ittetsu Tall Nakiri Knife


Ittetsu Kurouchi | 180mm Tall Nakiri Knife (Shirogami)

Hand-crafted in Echizen Japan, Ittetsu Kurouchi are a high performance carbon steel knife with a rustic aesthetic. The fit and finish of these knives is a little lower than others but the performance more than makes up for it, it is amazing value for a White #1 hand forged knife.


This nakiri knife is HUGE, almost comically so. I'd almost call it cleaver, so cool, this is certainly something you won't see often.


  • Ittetsu Kurouchi Japanese Knife
  • Echizen, Japan
  • 180mm Tall Nakiri Knife
  • Kurouchi (Rustic) Finish
  • Shirogami (white) #1, Soft Iron Clad
  • Mono Walnut Handle
  • Hand crafted in Japan
  • 178mm Blade Edge Length / 352mm Overall Length / 3.8 | 2.31 | 1.94mm Blade Thickness / 72mm Blade Height / 181g


* High carbon steel kitchen knives will change colour (patina) during use, some care is required to prevent surface rust.

Japanese Kitchen Knives & Whetstones Australia

Japanese Kitchen Knife | Nakiri (Vegetable Knife)

Nakiri knives are a specialist Japanese vegetable cutting knife that can also be used as your primary kitchen knife, depending on your cutting style.
Nakiri knives have a flat profile and tall blade height which aids in push chopping but does make rock style cutting a little uncomfortable. The Nakiri, like many western style chef knives has a double bevel grind, in contrast to the Japanese style vegetable knife, the Usuba, which is single bevel. Whilst a Gyuto or Santoku does do a good job at cutting vegetables, the larger flat bottom of a Nakiri or Usuba make the task much easier. The Nakiri is one of our favourite profiles, highly recommended.

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