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Hitohira TD Honesuki Knife
Hitohira TD Honesuki Knife
Hitohira TD Honesuki Knife
Hitohira TD Honesuki Knife
Hitohira TD Honesuki Knife

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Hitohira TD Kurouchi | 150mm Honesuki Knife (Aogami / Stainless)

Crafted with Aogami (Blue) #2 core and stainless clad, the TD honesuki sits in a nice middle ground in terms of thickness and sharpness. We've found honesuki can be too thick or too thin for some, this one seems to sit right in the middle, thin enough to be sharp but still be somewhat rugged.

  • Hitohira TD Japanese Knife 
  • Sanjo-Niigata Japan
  • 150mm Honesuki (Boning) Knife
  • Aogami (Blue) #2 / Soft Stainless Clad
  • Kurouchi Finish
  • Walnut and Maple Japanese Handle
    • Crafted in Japan
    • 292mm Overall Length / 154mm Blade Edge Length / 2.9mm Blade Thickness / 38mm Blade Height  / 111g

    * As our kitchen knives are hand-made (some with natural materials like timber), small variation to size and colour may occur.

    * High carbon Japanese knives will change colour (patina) in use, they require a small amount of care to prevent surface rust. This knife is stainless clad, only the cutting edge is high carbon.


    Japanese Kitchen Knives & Whetstones Australia

    Traditional Japanese Knife | Honesuki Knife

    The honesuki knife is the Japanese version of a boning knife. They differ in shape to their western counterparts, as well as having a more rigid blade. These knives are mainly useful for poultry boning, but are also great as a utility or petty knife. There are single bevel variants of the honesuki knife suited specifically to left or right hand users, as well as dual bevel variants. Single bevel is the traditional method of grind.

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