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Mukimono Japanese Chef Knife
Mukimono Japanese Chef Knife
Mukimono Japanese Chef Knife
Mukimono Japanese Chef Knife

Hitohira Kikuchiyo Mosuke | 180mm Mukimono Knife (Ginsan)

Crafted in Japan from Ginsan stainless steel this is a great workhorse knife. Mukimono knives are similar to a usuba, but thinner and more nimble, perfect for peeling vegetables and general vegetable prep. 

  • Hitohira Kikuchiyo Mosuke Japanese Chef Knife
  • 180mm Mukimono Knife
  • Ginsan Silver #3 (Stainless)
  • Soft Stainless Clad
  • Right Hand - Single Bevel
  • Ho Wood & Buffalo Handle
  • Hand-Crafted in Japan
  • 316mm Overall Length / 170mm Blade Edge Length / 3.1mm Blade Thickness / 40mm Height / 147g

* As our kitchen knives are hand-made (some with natural materials like timber), small variation to size and colour may occur.

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Japanese Kitchen Knife | Mukimono (Vegetable Knife)

Like their Usuba knife cousin, the Mukimono are a specialist Japanese vegetable knife. With a single bevel grind and pointed tip they are perfect for peeling and prepping vegetables. Saying that they also perform well as a kiritsuke replacement and able to prep many other ingredients.

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