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Mioroshi Deba Knife
Mioroshi Deba Knife
Mioroshi Deba Knife
Mioroshi Deba Knife
Mioroshi Deba Knife

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Hitohira Kikuchiyo Manzo | 210mm Mioroshi Deba Knife

Crafted in Sakai Japan by renowned blacksmith Kikuchiyo San and sharpened by the talented Manzo, this Mioroshi deba knife is a great value high carbon steel workhorse.

  • Hitohira Kikuchiyo Manzo Japanese Knife
  • 210mm Mioroshi Deba Knife
  • Shirogami (White) #3 High Carbon Steel
  • Soft Iron Clad
  • D Ho Wood Handle, Buffalo Ferrule
    • Right Hand Bevel
    • No Saya 
    • Hand-crafted in Japan
    • 369mm Total Length | 214mm Edge Length | 5.7mm Thickness | 42mm Height | 260g


    * High carbon knives will patina and change colour over time. Some care is required to prevent rust.


    Japanese Kitchen Knives, Whetstones & Woodworking Tools Australia

    Japanese Kitchen Knife | Deba & Funayuki (Fish Knife)

    The Deba and Funayuki are traditional Japanese kitchen knives which are used by chefs for fish, or as utility knives on fishing boats.
    Most Deba and Funayuki knives have a single bevel grind, with a thicker, heavier and shorter overall build. Although they are generally a specialist fish knife, some modern chefs do use these knives for other tasks such as breaking down meat and poultry. When used with the right ingredients, it can be an awakening experience. 

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