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Kikuchiyo Usuba Knife Japan
Kikuchiyo Usuba Knife Japan
Kikuchiyo Usuba Knife Japan
Kikuchiyo Usuba Knife Japan
Kikuchiyo Usuba Knife Japan
Kikuchiyo Usuba Knife Japan

Hitohira Kikuchiyo Manzo | 195mm Usuba Knife (Aogami #2)

Hand-crafted in Sakai, Japan by renowned blacksmith Kikuchiyo San, this beautiful Blue #2 Usuba is a well balanced gem. Suitable for the professional chef or knife enthusiast, it comes complete with upgraded walnut handle and ho wood saya.

  • Hitohira Kikuchiyo Manzo Japanese Knife
  • 195mm Usuba Knife
    • Single Bevel - Right Hand
  • Aogami (Blue) #2
  • Soft Iron Cladding
  • Walnut & Pakka Handle
  • Saya Included
  • Hand-Crafted in Japan
  • 343mm Overall Length / 182mm Blade Edge Length / 3.8mm Blade Thickness / 47mm Blade Height / 220g

* As our Japanese kitchen knives are hand-made (most with natural materials like timber), small variation to size and colour may occur.

* Non stainless steel kitchen and chef knives require a small amount of care to prevent surface rust. Even though this rust can easily be removed, we recommend you hand wash and thoroughly dry after each use, do not use a dishwasher. For extended storage, coat in an oil like our Tsubaki.

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Japanese Kitchen Knife | Usuba (Vegetable Knife)

Usuba knives are a specialist Japanese vegetable knife somewhat like their Nakiri knife cousins. They differ in their edge geometry, with the traditional Japanese Usuba being a single bevel grind. It's worth noting that you need to choose a left hand or right hand grind, depending on your preference.
Usuba knives have a flat profile which aids in push chopping but does make rock style cutting a little uncomfortable. Chefs that cook with vegetables often really appreciate this style, quite specialised but it excels in this cooking arena. 

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