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Hitohira Kiritsuke Gyuto Knife
Hitohira Kiritsuke Gyuto Knife
Hitohira Kiritsuke Gyuto Knife
Hitohira Kiritsuke Gyuto Knife
Hitohira Kiritsuke Gyuto Knife

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Hitohira Futana S3 Migaki | 240mm Kiritsuke Gyuto Knife

The Futana S3 gyuto is fast becoming our favourite stainless steel kitchen knife. Crafted in high performance stainless Ginsan steel with a comfortable WA handle, they are one of the sharpest and well balanced stainless knives we have anywhere near this price

  • Hitohira Futana S3 Migaki Japanese Knife
  • 240mm Kiritsuke Gyuto Knife
  • Migaki (Polished Silver) Finish
  • Ginsan Silver #3 Stainless Steel
  • Soft Stainless Clad
  • Sakura (Cherry Tree) & Ebony Handle
  • Pakka Ferrule
  • Crafted in Japan
  • 240mm Blade Edge Length / 398mm Overall Length / 2.2mm Blade Thickness / 48mm Height / 180g

* Our Japanese kitchen knives are hand-made (some with natural materials like timber), small variation to size and colour may occur.


Japanese Kitchen Knives & Whetstones Australia

    Japanese Kitchen Knife | Gyuto (Chef Knife)

    The Gyuto, or Japanese chef knife, is widely considered to be the most versatile kitchen knife for both professional chefs & home cooks alike.
    With a variety of sizes and shapes available, generally the Gyuto is similar to western style chef knives in shape, however thinner, lighter, made of harder steel and retains a sharper edge. They consist of a flat mid-heel section for chopping, a curve towards the tip for rock cutting and a pointed tip for precision work.
    If you are going to purchase just 1 good knife, the Gyuto (or perhaps the similar Santoku) would absolutely be the knife to choose.

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