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Bridge City Tools MMS1 Mini Mitre Square - Woodworking Hand Tools Australia, Bridge City Tools & Japanese Hand Tools


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Bridge City Tools MMS-1 Mini Mitre Square

Bridge City Tools MMS-1 Mini Mitre Square 

Miniature Mitre Square with magnetic foot


The Bridge City Tools Mini Miter Square is designed to be carried around in your apron pocket – it is a small square and a miter square.

It is simply a really cool, precise small device that we know you will enjoy using!

The adjustable foot allows for you to “hook” miters in both directions. Precision milled from aluminium, the sliding steel foot is attached to the square body via 3 rare earth magnets.


  • Bridge City Tools MMS-1
  • Miniature Miter Square
  • 70 x 50 mm
  • New with manufacturers warranty*


* ALL Bridge City Tools available outside of the USA are made and distributed by Harvey Machinery China. "Made to our same standards at half retail price" - Bridge City Tools USA

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