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Atoma Japanese Diamond Plate Japanese Knife & Tool Sharpening

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Atoma Diamond Plate | Whetstone Maintenance & Flattening (140 Grit) - Replacement Sheet

Replacement diamond abrasive sheet for the Atoma 140 Grit Plate. 


Widely considered one of the best value, high performance diamond plates available. Crafted in Japan these Atoma diamond plates have a replaceable abrasive sheet mounted to a very flat aluminium base. 


Whilst designed for sharpening woodworking tools and kitchen knives, we recommend for use as a whetstone maintenance tool, used to flatten your stones before use. Many professional sharpeners in Japan use these plates for this task.

  • Atoma Diamond Plate Replacement Sheet - 140 Grit
  • Replacement abrasive for Atoma 140 Plate
  • Whetstone Flattening & Maintenance
  • Knife & Tool Sharpening (Aggressive) - Not Recommended
  • Size: 210 x 75
  • Made in Japan
Japanese Kitchen Knives & Whetstones Australia

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