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Knife Sharpening | Private Whetstone Training

Our knife training is performed in store (Camperdown 2050) with our dedicated sharpening specialist.
All equipment is provided but we do recommend you bring a (blunt) kitchen knife, this way you leave the training with a sharp knife, as well as your new skills and knowledge. 
The price is a flat fee of $75 p/hour
This fee can be shared if you want to bring 1 or 2 extra people to the session. 
Japanese Whetstone Knife Sharpening Training Sydney
Each class will be tailored for the student...
as a guide to the time required, the following is achievable:
Introduction - 1 Hour
Demonstration and introduction to the fundamentals of whetstone knife sharpening. 
We sharpen one of your knives whilst explaining the process and fundamentals of whetstone knife sharpening. There is generally not enough time to sharpen yourself in a single hour. You leave the session with a sharp knife and the knowledge to start sharpening at home, or continue training at a later time. 
We recommend 1-3 people attend this style of training.
The fee remains a total of $75 which can be shared with those that attend.
Full Sharpening Course - 2 Hours
We take you through the introduction course, sharpening one of your knives as we explain the process and fundamentals. We then get you onto our whetstones and guide you through your first knife sharpening experience. You are welcome to bring your own stones if you already own some.
We recommend just 1 or 2 people attend this type of training as your time on the whetstones will be limited. The fee remains a total of $150 which can be shared among the students who attend.
Intermediate Course - 1 Hour
This style of training is for those that understand the basics of whetstone knife sharpening and want some help taking their skills and knowledge to the next level.
We will spend the majority of the hour with you on our whetstones, helping you improve your technique and/or learn new skills like thinning. You are welcome to bring your own whetstones if you wish.
Group Training...
Dates TBA