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Hitohira SKR Santoku Knife
Hitohira SKR Santoku Knife
Hitohira SKR Santoku Knife
Hitohira SKR Santoku Knife
Hitohira SKR Santoku Knife

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Hitohira SKR Stainless | 185mm Santoku Knife

The SKR range by Hitohira Japan are crafted in Seki-Gifu and then finished (to a higher level) by the masters in Sakai. A light and sharp knife with clean migaki look and a nice thin grind, the perfect service knife for a chef, or cook knife for home, all class.

  • Hitohira SKR Japanese Knife
  • 185mm Santoku Knife
  • Crafted in Seki-Gifu, Japan
  • Finished in Sakai, Japan
  • Mono Stainless Steel (Unclassified)
  • Ho Wood (Raw) & Buffalo Handle
  • Hardness: 60±1HRC
  • Crafted in Japan
  • 184mm Blade Edge Length / 331mm Overall Length / 1.8mm Blade Thickness / 46mm Height / 117g

* Our Japanese knives are hand-made (with natural materials like timber), small variation to size and colour may occur.


Japanese Kitchen Knives & Whetstones Australia

    Japanese Knife | Santoku (Cook Knife)

    The Santoku, or home cook knife, is a versatile kitchen knife widely used throughout the world. It is one of the better starting points into Japanese knives.

    Like it's larger cousin, the Gyuto, this is your go-to knife for any and all tasks within the kitchen. Generally Santoku knives are smaller in size than Gyuto, making them versatile in smaller home kitchens or for cooks with fledgling knife skills. Both styles of knife are multi-tasking machines that can be used for any and all cooking preparation tasks.

    As is the case with most Japanese kitchen knives, the Santoku is thinner & lighter than other western chef knives, they are normally made from harder steel which can hold a sharper edge. 

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